Virtual Tours

What Is a Virtual Tour?

Composed of an interactive assembly of panoramic images, the viewer of a virtual tour is able to navigate through a site (home, public building, park, etc). They can look left and right, up and down, just as though they were actually standing inside the image itself!

A virtual tour allows a person to look around a room or view from one or many different positions just as if they were there in real time! Standard virtual tours are often no more than a series of  images (very similar to a super-deluxe slide-show). At Enviroscopics, we go a step further and actually script the panoramic sequence into a movie.

A virtual tour is an ideal way to communicate physical spaces. We capture the entire environment in a way traditional photography cannot and allow you to deliver that experience directly through your website

The strength of 360 photography lies in its interactivity. Unlike still photos or video where the experience is passive, a 360 virtual tour places the viewer at the center of the location and enables them to explore the scene in its entirety, in detail, and at their own pace.

A graphic display such as a map, floor plan or air photo can simultaneously indicate the location and field of view of the virtual camera during the course of the guided or self-guided tour.  At any point during a guided tour (movie) the site visitor can take control by panning, zooming or even skipping to other images of their choice through convenient menu or graphic hotspot links.

Our tours are Flash based, so no additional software or plug-ins are required for viewing.  The product can be optimised for high speed or dial -up connections or both.

The immersive 360 experience offers your customers a comprehensive view surpassed only by a visit in person.

Available Features:

  • Web page layout with your branding
  • 360 spherical panoramas
  • Full Screen viewing
  • HDR (high dynamic range imaging) brings out detail in the shadows and highlights areas
  • Scripted animation (provides the effect of video while remaining fully interactive)
  • Map or floor plan with radar effect to indicate field and angle of view
  • HD Video in real time, time lapse or slow motion
  • Flash format for stability
  • Hot spots within images to aid in navigation.
  • Outstanding customer service

Why a Virtual Tour?

Tourism (at home and abroad)

Of course, nothing compares with the real thing.  For a stimulating 3D interactive experience, you can go for a walk around a bird sanctuary or a paddle in the Salish Sea.

But  if you need to communicate the reality of a space to a remote site visitor, nothing compares with a well crafted Virtual Tour.

A virtual tour can give the website visitors an idea of the lay of the land (or water) so that they can be sure to be prepared and thereby maximise their real experience and even improve on their safety. Now you can add unique and captivating interactive content to your website. Display 360 degree views of any location, hotel, museum, travel resort or other destination!

Government and Industry

To make the best use of business travel, an interactive virtual tour can help prepare your clients or associates for the conference venue.

A virtual tour of a remote work site can provide an interactive aid in a live presentation and allow you bring your audience along with you as you speak.

A virtual open house can provide public viewing of an operation without the normal inconvenience or liability.


Document a field site to aid in reporting, presenting, orientation of crew members or for public information.

(Fluxnet Upper canopy field sites on Vancouver Island)

Architecture and Heritage

Often, significant architecture is lost within a cityscape, or public access may present problems. Heritage Buildings may disappear sooner than we expect due to development, fire or natural disaster.

Through virtual tours, we are able to visit architectural gems of both the present and the past.

Real Estate

Selling a house?

Don't waste the hours of work your client spent preparing for a showing.

An interactive virtual open house is "24/7, world wide".

Why not video or stills?

The web provides for interaction and that is what we want  when online.

While video can be very powerful, the viewer is at the mercy of the videographer.  A virtual tour places the camera in the hands of the site visitor.

Through an interactive panoramic tour, you have the ability to take control of the "virtual" camera and to explore where you wish at your own pace. YOU have the ability to go where you want, when you want to. This is a very powerful marketing or educational tool.

A still photograph can be exceptionally well composed and lit while still not providing a feel of the physical space. A still photo may be a work of art, which, while beautiful, may fall short of the actual objective.

A Virtual Tour gives true perspective to a view. The viewer is immersed in the view, rather than simply looking at it from a predetermined field of view.

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