Virtual Tour Portfolio

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Beban Park Virtual Tour

This example utilizes embedded links interactive maps and floor plans, slide shows, dynamic day/night superimpositions and timelapse video to provide a comprehensive introduction to the facility.

Beban Park Virtual Tour Thumbnail



Vancouver Island University Virtual Tour

A Google Earth zoom-in to the campus from space, pop-up menus, and a background sound track provided by the Music Department along with the usual features give prospective students a feel for the world of VIU. 

  Vancouver Island University Virtual Tour thumbnail


City of Yellowknife NWT Virtual Tour  (summer Version )

A remote but vital thriving city in the Canadian Sub-Arctic captured from the ground and the air in 360 degrees.

Yellowknife Summer Virtual Tour Thumbnail


City of Yellowknife Virtual Tour (Winter Version)

And we had another look in the winter.  Here you will step off of a commercial jet in February to note the change of land (water) use, watch a timelapse video of the ice road to Detah on Great Slave Lake, hockey on the lake in front of city hall.  It's cold but who cares?

  Yellowknife Winter Virtual Tour Thumbnail



Vancouver Island Conference Centre Virtual Tour

Planning a conference? You can see how it all fits together.  Have a look at commercial Street before and after the construction of the centre. 

Vancouver Island Conference Centre Thumbnail


Yellowknife Fieldhouse Virtual Tour

Know what your new city has to offer before you go there.  Long summer daylight hours and dark icy winters can be a dream come true for some but for those who need a reprieve, at least from the latter, an indoor track and two soccer fields can be a welcome change.

Yellowknife fieldhouse thumbnail


Nanaimo Ice Centre Virtual Tour

If we want to have ice here on Vancouver Island, we have to make it ourselves.  It's a hard life.

Nanaimo Ice Centre Thumbnail


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